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Special wooden packaging type CKD

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  • The basic palette can have lengths between 1450 and 2500 mm and widths between 1140 and 1450 mm. The height of the base blade is 126 mm;
  • The heights of the side walls can be between 650 and 1530 mm;
  • The packaging can be made to dimensions determined by the packaging process and the dimensions accepted by the means of transport;

Supported weight (load bearing)

300÷1000 kg


  • Execution of phytosanitary heat treated softwood according to IPPC 15.
  • The basic palette is for industrial use, similar to EUR type europallets.
  • The side walls are removable.
  • Fixing the side walls with the base pallet and at the top is done by honeycomb corners made of plastic.


The packaging has been specially designed for CKD car body elements and subassemblies, but can be used successfully in various applications depending on the nature and configuration of the products. The packaging is recommended for road or rail transport in containers.


At the request of customers, the packaging can be delivered together with supports and shims (buffers) that are interposed between the products and the base pallet or side walls, to avoid damage that may occur to the packaged product due to mechanical shocks that may occur during handling or of transport. The wedges (tampons), of any shape, are made of high density polyethylene foam or alveolar plates made of plastic, with geometry appropriate to the contact surface of the product with the packaging. The packaging can also be delivered together with a protective cover made of polyethylene foil impregnated with a corrosion inhibitor of the VCI type, which provides both protection of the product against dust and corrosion of metals. Before closing the cover, we insert bags with dehydrator (silica gel) to absorb the ambient humidity. The packaging is delivered disassembled in the form of a kit. As a result, the advantage of reducing storage space before use is offered.


For small quantities of packaging, for which the materials are in stock, the duration can be a maximum of 5 days from the receipt of the firm order. For large quantities it is necessary to complete a contract with staggered deliveries. At the client’s request, a specialized team can travel to prepare for delivery which consists of: protecting the products against the action of climatic factors, introducing, positioning and fixing the products in the package.

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