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Wooden platforms / floors and atypical pallets

Photo gallery – Wooden platforms / floors and atypical pallets



  • The pallets have a similar structure with the standardized EUR type pallets, respectively with Lengths x Widths x Heights determined by the client’s requirements, within the dimensions allowed by the means of transport. Wooden platforms and floors can be made on any size of surface.

Supported weight (load bearing)

Pallets can be made for a load-bearing capacity resulting from that of the product to be transported. In the case of wooden platforms and floors, the load-bearing load depends on the degree of human agglomeration and the resistance structure affected.


  • The pallets are made of phytosanitary treated softwood.
  • The floors and platforms are made of solid hardwood (usually beech) or a combination of wood with PVC, specially treated to ensure resistance to moisture, shocks and pedestrian traffic.
  • For floors and platforms, most of the available materials have one of the faces (the upper part) provided with fine streaks, while the other is perfectly flat.
  • The supporting structure of the floors is metallic in the form of platforms, stairs, footbridges, etc.


Pallets are intended for the storage or transport of industrial products with dimensions and weights that exceed the characteristics of standardized EUR type pallets. The platforms and floors for exterior and interior offer a combination of the aesthetic qualities of wood with resistance and long life. They are made for dance floors, terraces or alleys in the garden, swimming pools, etc. Also, the materials can be used for cladding steps, bridges, pontoons, etc.


Atypical special pallets are also called industrial pallets. They can be used for the storage and transport of prepackaged or unpackaged products and can be provided with wooden, metal riding supports, etc.


For small quantities of packaging, where the materials are in stock, the execution time can be maximum 5 days from receiving the firm order. For large quantities it is necessary to complete a contract with staggered deliveries.

Mioveni, Bulevardul Dacia nr. 129A, jud. Arges, Romania


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